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Bulgarian Academy of Sciences (BAS)


The Institute of Chemical Engineering (IChE) is an academic specialized scientific organization for chemical engineering at the Bulgarian Academy of Sciences (BAS) and a principal national research centre for chemical and biochemical engineering science.

The mission of IChE is to contribute to the environmental sustainable development of the country with its scientific methodology, scientific capacity and broad experience in the scientific and applied research fields of chemical technology and industrial biotechnologies.

The main directions in research and development activities of IChE are fully consistent with the stated priorities of the National and European strategies 2020 and can be summarized as follows:

-   Energy and energy efficiency

-   Development of green and eco-technologies

-   Advanced materials and technologies

-   Information and communication technologies

-   Biotechnology

Over the years in IChE are developed and prepared for industrial use more than 40 new processes, equipment and technological systems with environmentally friendly or energy-saving effect.

The scientific staff of the IChE is recognized at international level for contributions in the development of liquid membrane methods for simultaneous extraction and concentration of valuable solutes from natural sources or toxic substances from waste waters.

The studies in the field of biotechnology relating to various fermentation and enzymatic processes, are practically applicable in the pharmaceutical industry, as well as for biological treatment of waste water, integrated processes for waste treatment, combined with the production of energy from renewable sources.

New methods are developed for optimal energy use in batch and continuous chemical and biochemical processes as well as for modelling of multicomponent liquid-vapour equilibrium.

Brand new area is studying, designing and optimization of fuel cells (chemical and microbiological) to generate energy with simultaneous removal of some environmental pollutants.

About 70 scientific papers are published, about 70 reports (90% of them at international conferences) are exported and more than 500 citations of scientific contributions of the Institute are noticed annually.

The scientific staff of the Institute consists of 32 persons: 7 professors, 9 associate professors, 5 of which have DSc degrees and 25– PhD degrees. There are 8 PhD students in the Institute.

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