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Prof. Venko BESCHKOV, D.Sc. 
Phone: (+359 2) 870 20 88

Scientific Secretary:

Assoc. Prof. Tsvetan 
Phone: (+359 2) 870 32 73

Chairman of Scientific Council:

Assoc. Prof. George ANGELOV, Ph.D.
Phone: (+359 2) 870 41 18,

979 32 86


Contact person for international cooperation:


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Chief Accountant:


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The Institute of Chemical Engineering (IChE) is a basic scientific organisation for chemical engineering at the Bulgarian Academy of Sciences (BAS) and a principal national research centre for chemical engineering and bioengineering science. The IChE is involved both in fundamental and applied research in the priority fields like "new technologies", "economy of energy", "environmental protection". The principal areas of the research activity  are: 

hydrodynamics, heat and mass transfer processes in multiphase systems

methods for optimal use and storage of energy 

chemical engineering problems in catalysis

practical aspects of biochemical processes

computer simulation and controll of chemical systems. 


The main achievements are in the development of new industrial processes, novel equipment and process technologies, creation of methods for optimised industrial design, control and renovation of chemical engineering systems. 

The Institute has developed and applied in industrial scale more than 20 new processes, equipment and systems with environmental or energy saving effects: contact economisers for utilisation of heat from flue gases of heat power stations; technologies and apparatuses for removal of toxic contamination from gas fluxes; new concepts for heterogeneous catalytic reactors; extraction technologies for producing and recovery of valuable or toxic substances from waste waters.

The scientific staff of the Institute is recognised at the international level for contributions in the development of liquid membrane methods for simultaneous extraction and concentration of valuable solutes or toxic substances from waste waters and natural sources.

The studies in the field of biotechnology concern the kinetics of various fermentation and enzyme processes, practically applied for biological treatment of waste waters, and in the pharmaceutical industry.

New methods are developed for optimal energy use in batch chemical and biochemical processes as well as for modelling of multicomponent liquid-vapour equilibrium.

Scientific teams from the Institute participate in projects of the European programmes COST , TEMPUS, BIOSAP etc . Informational networks  and education programmes are elaborated in collaboration with scientists of many European countries. Projects with the European Commission  are currently developed.

Phytex - research and consulting center for botanical extracts.
Innovations - application-ready!

HISTORY:In 1961, in the framework of the Institute of General and Inorganic Chemistry at the Bulgarian Academy of Sciences,  a Department for Mass Transfer Processes was  created. It represented the first Bulgarian specialised laboratory for chemical engineering research. Twelve years later, in 1973, this Department was transformed into an independent research unit of the BAS, acquiring the name Central Laboratory of Chemical Engineering. By 1986 the latter numbered a staff of 66 employees and it was considered appropriate to convert it into Institute of Chemical Engineering. From its foundation and up to 1989 the institute was headed by Prof. D.Elenkov, D.Sc., Corresponding member of BAS, and that from 1989 till 1992  by Prof.L.Boyadzhiev, D.Sc. The first specialised laboratories of the Institute were headed by Prof. D.Elenkov, D.Sc., Corresponding member of BAS, Prof. L.Boyadzhiev, D.Sc., Prof. Chr.Boyadjiev, D.Sc., Prof. N.Kolev, D.Sc.

In 2000 the  Institute of Chemical Engineering incorporates 6 research laboratories with a scientific staff of 37 employees, including one Corresponding member of the Bulgarian Academy of Sciences, 5 professors, 12 associated professors, 22 persons are bearers of Ph.D. degrees and 6 - of D.Sc. 



Prof. George KYUCHOUKOV, D.Sc., 

Phone: (+359 2) 872 02 30,

(+359 2) 979 32 74 

Laboratory "Transfer processes in liquid media"

Extraction of metals and organic compounds in liquid-liquid and liquid-solid systems, separation of oil-in water emulsions, recovery of valuable substances from waste waters, liquid membrane separation, extraction of botanicals.

Prof. N. KOLEV, D.Sc.

Phone: (+359 2) 870 40 19; 
(+359 2) 979 32 81 

Packed bed columns for absorption, distillation, and direct heating. SO2 and NOx removal. Bioreactor with semi fixed packing. Structured active carbon for use as adsorbent and catalyst carrier.

Phone: (+359 2) 870 41 18 
(+359 2) 979 34 80 

Laboratory "Chemical Reactors"

Mathematical simulation of chemical reactors as well as kinetics and transfer processes in heterogeneous chemical systems.Transfer processes in two- and three- phase catalytic reactors. Mixing in two- and  three- phase reactors and bioreactors. Gas- liquid reaction design and selection for complex rheology fluids.

Prof. V. BESCHKOV, D.Sc .

Phone: (+359 2) 870 20 88; 
(+359 2) 979 32 79

Kinetics and transfer processes in bioreactors with free and immobilised biocatalysts. Waste water treatment by biological methods.

Prof. Chr. BOYADJIEV, D.Sc. 

Phone: (+359 2) 870 41 54
(+359 2) 979 32 75

Analysis and synthesis of chemical technological systems aiming their optimal design and control; chemical engineering thermodynamics; non-linear heat- and mass-transfer.

Assoc. Prof. Ts. SAPUNDZHIEV, 

Phone: (+359 2) 870 32 73 
(+359 2) 979 32 80

Computer simulation and control of chemical systems. 


The Institute maintains intensive relations with scientists from France, Germany, USA, England, Belgium, Russia, Hungary, Poland, Slovakia, Czech Republic, China, Canada, etc. A large number of joint research projects have been carried out, the results published in specialised journals and books. Since 1993 the Institute is a member of the European Federation of Chemical Engineering. 
Several projects were financed by the European Commission in the frames of the program  COST: the information networks PERTREX - Liquid Membranes and BIOPATH - Bioproducts from agricultural raw materials: studies and technological developments of conversion of hemicellulose. A project was approved and financed by the programme COPERNICUS: "Calculation and choice of gas-liquid reactors for fluids with reological complex characteristics".


Scientists from the Institute participate in European educational programme  TEMPUS: CEEBUNET (1992) and "Economy of Energy using Process Integration".
The staff of the Institute participates in the training of students attending the chemical and biochemical engineering courses at Universities and Higher schools in Bulgaria (Sofia University St.Kliment Ohridski , Technological and Technical Universities in Sofia, Burgas, Higher School in Razgrad etc.) and abroad (Japan, France, Germany). Scientific degrees were conferred on many graduate and post-graduate students of the institute.

Every three years the Institute organises in cooperation with the Bulgarian Society of Chemical Engineering the International Summer School of Chemical Engineering, traditional scientific event for more than 20 years. The last one was on May 2004.


Last Summer School:

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